JutaCompliNEWS is an online newsletter and news and research portal offered by Compli-Serve and Juta. It provides subscribers in the financial services sector with the latest legislative and regulatory news, expert commentary, and valuable resources. Here are the key features and benefits of JutaCompliNEWS:

Weekly Electronic Newsletter: Subscribers receive a comprehensive electronic newsletter every week. The newsletter covers the latest legislative changes, regulatory developments, case law updates, enforcement news, and news from regulators. It includes expert commentary from well-respected legal specialists to provide deeper insights into the implications of these developments.

Customizable Dashboard: Subscribers have access to a customizable dashboard where they can access breaking regulatory and compliance news throughout the week. This allows busy professionals to stay up-to-date with the latest information in their field of interest.

Current Awareness Newsletter: On Fridays, subscribers receive a current awareness newsletter summarizing the most important news and views of the week. This concise newsletter provides a snapshot of the key points that subscribers need to know.

Extensive News Archive: The CompliNEWS portal provides access to all past editions of the newsletter from 2015 to the present. This archive enables subscribers to refer back to previous issues for research, historical reference, or to track the evolution of regulatory developments over time.

Carefully Curated Commentary: The portal offers carefully curated commentary on regulatory and compliance matters. Subscribers can access expert analysis and opinions on important topics to gain deeper insights into the implications and practical implications of legislative and regulatory changes.

Juta CompliNEWS Library: The portal includes a pre-selected and continually updated library of Juta statutes and regulations. This provides subscribers with quick access to primary legal sources relevant to compliance and regulatory matters, saving time and effort in research.

Open-Source Material: The portal also offers a library of open-source material, including the FAIS Ombud index. This expands the resources available to subscribers and enhances their ability to conduct comprehensive research on compliance and regulatory issues.

Monthly Ethics Newsletter: CompliNEWS includes a monthly ethics newsletter, focusing on ethical considerations and best practices in the financial services sector. This additional newsletter provides valuable insights and guidance on ethical conduct and compliance with ethical standards.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Points: Subscribers can earn CPD points for their professional development by engaging with the CompliNEWS platform. This recognizes and rewards ongoing learning and compliance knowledge enhancement.

CompliNEWS is suitable for compliance professionals in the financial services sector, management and key individuals at financial service providers, banking professionals and management, financial advisors and planners, and legal advisors in the financial services sector. It is a valuable resource for staying informed, conducting research, and ensuring regulatory compliance in the ever-changing landscape of the financial services industry.

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