E Learning

Compli-Serve, in partnership with Compliance Online e-Learning, offers an e-learning service that provides a quick, cost-effective, and efficient way to raise awareness, train geographically dispersed employees, test understanding, and monitor and report on training results. With our experience and expertise in compliance training, we understand the unique needs of businesses and the challenges they face. Here’s why our e-learning service stands out:

Experience and Expertise: We have extensive experience in delivering compliance training during office hours when employees are busy with their daily responsibilities. Our content is written in non-technical language by experts in the field, ensuring clarity and relevance.

Customizable and Accessible Content: Our e-learning programs are designed to be easy to access and complete. They can be customized and implemented according to your specific needs and requirements. We offer multiple language options upon request to cater to diverse workforces.

Comprehensive Program Offerings: Our e-learning library covers a wide range of compliance topics, including Compliance during Covid-19, Companies Act, Environmental Law, Competition Law, POPIA, Anti-bribery and Corruption (ABC), Ethics, Consumer Protection Act (CPA), National Credit Act, FICA, Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHS Act), King IV™ and Corporate Governance, Social Media in the Workplace, Dawn Raid Training, and Custom Training to address your unique risks.

Measurable Results and CPD Points: We believe in delivering measurable results. Our e-learning service includes a happiness index to monitor trainee experience, and we offer CPD points for subscribers to contribute to their professional development requirements.

Secure and Reliable Technology: We prioritize the security and reliability of our e-learning platform. With a 99.9% uptime guarantee, constant monitoring, automatic failovers, and the latest in web technology, we ensure a secure, quick, and adaptable learning experience for all users.

Worldwide Content Delivery Network: Our enterprise-grade Content Delivery Network (CDN) ensures fast and reliable content delivery through multiple edge locations across the globe, enabling smooth access to training materials.

Measurable User Satisfaction: We value user satisfaction and monitor it through a net promoter score (NPS) to continuously improve our services and ensure a positive learning experience.

At Compli-Serve and Compliance Online e-Learning, we believe in delivering compliance training that is effective, efficient, and tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses. Our e-learning service helps organizations achieve compliance goals, enhance employee knowledge, and mitigate risks in an ever-evolving regulatory landscape.

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