Foreign Based Providers

Compli-Serve has recognised the global trend to a principles based focus in compliance and the significant impact it will have on the way that compliance is undertaken.

As a result, Compli-Serve focuses on developing outcomes-based offerings for Financial Service Providers (FSPs) that includes; an initial assessment, followed by process implementation where processes and documentation would require amendment and regular follow up to assess the level of client compliance with mutually agreed recommendations. Compli-Serve endeavours to amend rather than replace existing processes for ongoing monitoring. We leverage off the existing internal processes and procedures of our foreign clients to ensure alignment with the SA specific requirements, documents and procedures.

Quarterly reviews are scheduled using teleconferencing facilities, such as MS Teams/Zoom/Star Leaf and others, to engage with the client and assess the progress of compliance implementation and on-going adherence to regulations. A feedback report is prepared for the client to summarise any action that may be required.

Compli-Serve will act as your local onsite contact and go between with the SA Regulators to keep foreign FSPs informed of pertinent trends and developments in SA legislation and compliance. This includes feedback and update at quarterly meetings, provision of a Regulatory Risk Log and assistance with the implementation of new SA specific requirements. In addition Compli-Serve will, in conjunction with the client, help prepare the annual compliance reports for submission to the Financial Sector Conduct Authority and assist in ensuring that other regulatory filings are submitted on time.

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